jinn possession Islamic Dua

jinn possession Islamic Dua, In the Quran and the Sunnah there is a mention of jinn in many places. In Islam, it is believed that a jinn is a spirit that has the ability to harm anyone. It can easily take the form of an animal and human as well. The jinn is considered to be at a lower rank as compared to angels and hence people don’t respect it since it is bad.

There are said to be different jinns that exist. Each type of jinn exhibits unique characteristics and has powers of its own. You can protect yourself in advance so that a jinn does not possess you. On the other hand, if you have been possessed or your loved one has been possessed then you can remove the jinn as well. You can use duas and surahs from Quran in order to be safe from all types of jinn that may negatively affect you.

Do you think that you have been possessed by jinn? No matter how powerful the jinn is, it is going to have an adverse effect on you and your life. It is recommended that you make a dua to Allah to solve this problem at the earliest. You should tell Allah about your problem and then you must tell him what you want. An example of a dua for jinn possession

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